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Weaponizing Masks To Force Children Into Taking Gene Therapy Shots

Technocrat propaganda takes an ugly turn as it targets children for vaccination by weaponizing face masks: Masks are not normal, they say, but if you take the shot you can take the mask off and get back to normal. This is akin to torture techniques – stop the pain of “x” by complying with “y”.

Flashback 2016: Face Masks Didn’t Work Then, Either

Originally published on the Oral Health website, it vanished in June 2020 and was replaced with the statement, “…it has been removed. The content was published in 2016 and is no longer relevant in our current climate.” Who would have the clout, time and money to scour the Internet to force removal of anti-face mask research papers? This is “book burning” at its worst.

Mercola: Over 200,000 Have Now Died From COVID Jab

Technocrats have so muddied the data through convoluted statistics and illogic, that it is very hard to cut through the clutter to figure out exactly what is happening. This report provides a clear view of the damage caused by mRNA gene therapy injections, and calls for immediate halt to public distribution.

COVID Noncompliance Now Labeled Top ‘Terror Threat’

Never mind that the Taliban is slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians or that “Israelis who have received the COVID jab are 6.72 times more likely to get infected than people who have recovered from natural infection”, if you oppose vaccination or other pandemic measures, YOU have been summarily declared to be a top terror threat.