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Scientists: Human-Chimp DNA Hybrids Are Possible?

Dr. Barash’s goal is to convince the world that humans are no different that animals and in particular, monkeys. He thinks it would be good for scientists to use CRISPR and create Chimera ‘Humanzees’. His book’s subtitle says it all: ‘Using science to see our species as it really is.’

Trump: 5G Rollout Is A Race ‘America Must Win’

The Trump Administration is fully behind the rapid implementation of 5G in America, despite the lack of safeguards and ethical discussions over its applications of Smart City technologies. In China, 5G is clearly being used to complete its Scientific Dictatorship over its citizens.

Demographic Doom: Children Per Household Is Collapsing

For over 20 years, demographers and sociologists have known about and documented the world’s population collapse, and yet the world persists in hysteria over population blowout. This has paralleled global warming hysteria as a reason to implement Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.