Betty The AI Robot Lands Two Month Trial As Office Manager

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TN Note: To a normal person, taking orders from a robot is a far fetched insult. To a Technocrat, it makes perfect sense because it is on their roadmap to a complete scientifically-managed society. If this happens to your company/office, you would do well to stage a mass walkout. Think about it. If a robot can be your manager, then other robots can do your actual job, too.

Team meetings will never be the same again for one work group who have taken on a humanoid staff member.

A trainee office manager is set to begin a two month trial, but this is a new starter with a difference – because Betty is a ROBOT.

The unusual colleague is about to launch her new career at The Transport Systems Catapult, based in Milton Keynes thanks to a team from the University of Birmingham.

Betty will carry out tasks including patrolling the offices, assessing how many staff members are in the office outside working hours, monitoring the environment by collating data on clutter, office temperature, humidity and noise, as well as checking fire doors are closed and desks are clear.

She will also be tasked with greeting guests at reception.


Friendly Betty is a highly sophisticated robot, running artificial intelligence-driven software developed by an international research team led by the university.

This software enables her to process all the information she needs to map and navigate her environment, learning as she does so.

Using cameras and scanners she is able to create a map of her surrounding area, identifying desks, chairs and other objects that she must negotiate when she is moving around, as well as detecting people’s movement through activity recognition.

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