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Biden: Pandemic An ‘Opportunity’ To Enact Green New Deal Policies

From the beginning of the Great Panic of 2020, TN has warned of its tight connection and common endgame to climate alarmism. Biden reinforces this by calling it an ‘opportunity’ to enact Green New Deal, and this is the heart of the matter, not saving lives. ⁃ TN Editor

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday on CNN the Chinese coronavirus crisis was an “opportunity” to enact major climate change programs found in the Green New Deal.

“We have an opportunity now to take, in a recovery act, a real recovery,” Biden said. “We can fundamentally change the science relating to global warming.”

The former vice president hosted a question and answer special about the virus, spending most of his time talking about the way America could use the crisis to enact their leftist energy policies.

Biden recalled the Great Depression, noting former President Franklin Roosevelt used that crisis to enact dramatic government programs, something he also wanted to do.

“It’s like the New Deal,” he said. “Think of every great act that — every great change that has taken place. It’s come out of a crisis.”

Biden proposed a similar dramatic surge in government spending for green energy infrastructure, including 550,000 charging stations for electric cars, windmills and solar panels, as well as spending for better battery technology.

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