Britain Exits EU Technocracy For Own Brand

Nigel Farage did a masterful job of exiting the EU while bashing it one last time. Note that The Daily Telegraph openly calls the EU a Technocracy but Americans have no idea of what that means.

However, as Farage rode the populist party wave to victory, Britain will almost certainly fall into the techno-populist mentality that establishes their own brand of Technocracy. In other words, same outcome in the end: Technocracy. ⁃ TN Editor

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union tonight, it continues to emote division and debate.

Far from being the end of the story, some commentators believe it is just the start. Brexit day has dominated yesterday’s media opinion pages.

The Daily Telegraph

Allister Heath writes “we must hope that over time, more countries choose – and are allowed – to leave, that there will one day be a Frexit and a Danexit, that the euro will be dissolved in an orderly fashion and that the entire project will wither away, replaced instead by looser, liberal co-operation. Euroscepticism was never a selfish ideology. It was never just about returning self-government to Britain.