Cambridge Analytica HQ Raided Over Facebook Data-Mining Scandal

Kirsty O'Connor/PA
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Technocrats at Cambridge Analytica and Facebook will not volunteer any wrongdoing, but may be forced into litigation and regulation by government representatives who are appalled at their behavior. The trail of discovery has just started. As I have said many times, “Follow the data, follow the power.” In this case the data involves tens of millions of records on American and British citizens. ⁃ TN Editor

Cambridge Analytica’s offices in London have been raided by authorities. Enforcement officers for the Information Commissioner (ICO) spent nearly seven hours at the premises in New Oxford Street overnight.

The data analytics firm is currently under fire after it was claimed it may have illegally acquired personal Facebook data that could have been used to help Donald Trump get elected and Brexit pass. ICO’s investigation includes the acquisition and use of Facebook data by CA, its parent company SCL and academic Dr Aleksandr Kogan, who developed the app used to gather data.

ICO officers had arrived at its building at around 8pm after Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, was granted a warrant an hour earlier after requesting access to records and data on Monday. Speaking to Channel 4 News, who broke the story after an undercover sting, Ms Denham said: ‘We need to get in there. ‘We need to take a look at the databases, we need to look at the servers and understand how data was processed or deleted by Cambridge Analytica.’

Investigators were looking at documents and taking photographs and eventually emerged at approximately 2.50am, with a van thought to be carrying evidence leaving from a back exit.

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