2030 Agenda

Obama Seized Enough Land And Water In 8 Years To Cover Texas Three Times

People do not realize that Technocracy, aka Sustainable Development and 2030 Agenda, calls for usurping earth’s resources from private and state ownership. This is the biggest land grab in the history of the world and it has no intention of saving these resources for future generations not even born yet (i.e., your children and/or grandchildren).

Life in 2030 Smart City Promises Utopia

Don’t let the author’s beauty distract you: This article posits Technocracy to the letter. She envisions being a part of the ‘collective’ where nothing is owned and everything is shared. Is this the future you want?

U.N. Rights Chief: Trump As President Poses Global Danger

The United Nations joins the globalist clarion call to protect its world-wide scam of Sustainable Development and Green Economy. The global elite has had little resistance to its plans for the last 40 years, and is now doubly concerned that the populist movement might actually derail their life-long efforts.