Canon In China: AI Cameras Only Let Smiling Workers Inside

Technocracy defines itself as the “science of social engineering”, and Canon in China fits perfectly by demanding that employees smile to gain access into offices and conference rooms. This article properly calls this manipulation trend “modern-day Taylorism”.

Next Up For AI: Learning How To Read Your Lips

Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is a demonstrated need. Lip reading will take the same trajectory as facial recognition as it is pressed into service for surveillance purposes. Reading lips from a distance would obviate the need for microphones.

Government Data Will Pour Into Private AI Research At Scale

Massive storehouses of personal data on American citizens have been opened up like so many cans of sardines to be served up to the AI community for machine learning purposes. The $250 billion initiative is a windfall for Technocrats and a step closer to Scientific Dictatorship for Americans.

IARPA Developing AI To Help Predict The Future

IARPA, funded by taxpayer money like its cousin DARPA, intends to continuously collect all data about everyone in real time in order to let AI predict future incidents and events. Welcome to “anticipatory intelligence”. IARPA is facilitating the rapid rise of Technocracy, aka Scientific Dictatorship.

Scientists: No Way To Control Super-Intelligent AI

Some scientists are now concerned that a day will come with super-intelligent AI programs will take on an automous life of their own. Already there are AI programs that perform learned tasks without the programmers understanding how it arrived at that state.