Mika: The World’s First Robot CEO

Mika, made by Hansen Robotics, is a robotic sister to Sophia. Mika was “hired” by a Columbia-based rum distilling company, Dictador. It is a proof-of-concept that an AI robot can actually perform as a CEO or any other top executive. Will Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg replace themselves with robots?

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Launches To Fierce Criticism, Rejection

Sam Altman, head of OpenAI and ChatGPT, is further demonstrating his twisted Technocrat mind with the launch of Worldcoin. Worldcoin bluntly states that everyone will be identified (with the Orb’s iris scans) whether they like it or not.  Further, that it will be the vehicle to promote Universal Basic Income (UBI) to the whole world. So, ChatGPT will wreck the world and Worlddcoin will save it? 

Frankenbrain: Merging AI With Human Brain Cells

Brain cells in a petri dish integrated with AI circuits? What could possibly go wrong? Technocrats and Transhumanists will stop at nothing to merge technology with the human body.There are no ethical or moral boundaries to guide them. There are no regulations or laws to stop them. It’s the wild, wild west all over again.

Woe To Humans: How AI Is Dehumanizing Humanity

The evil twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism are conjoined in purpose to decrease the human population on planet earth, and to micromanage those lucky enough to live in a scientific dictatorship. This is now well documented on multiple fronts in today’s world. The result is that humanness is being disintegrated.

Big Tech Overlords Decry Lack Of AI Regulation, Then Fight Regulators To Stand Down

Google’s discovery and exploitation of Surveillance Capitalism pales in comparison to the spread of AI in healthcare. It is a wild west of perpetual lawlessness with no accountability or transparency. Whatever gains that can be established within the next two or three years will decide who has the bulk of market share and hence, perpetual profits.

Google Is Developing AI To Write News Stories

With the advent of ChatGPT, consumers of news rejected thoughts of AI-generated news stories. Now, Technocrats at Google have officially institutionalized the practice as it has already developed a product to write news and is currently testing it. If widely used, it will be like dumping raw sewage into the ocean.

ChatGPT’s Evil Twin ‘WormGPT’ Is Silently Entering Emails And Raiding Banks

CharGPT is just one version of advanced AI platforms, but as predictable, it has already fallen into the hands of evil people to do evil things… like emptying your bank account, The broader societal effect of AI will cause grave damage to critical thinking, education, employment and business. Pandoras box has been opened and there will no shutting it down at this point.

US-EU Hold Collaborative Workshop On Digital Twins, AI

Rapid advances in AI have accelerated the concept of digital twins, where AI models an exact working copy of something in the real world. The digital twin is updated in real time with sensor information, AI interprets its condition and then forces the changes back to the reality twin.

UN Summit: AI Robots Could Run The World Better Than Humans

The United Nations views AI as essential to accomplishing its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Why? Because AI can run the world more “efficiently” and autocratically than humans. With AI, enforcement of SDGs would be “standardized” for all, and would thoroughly dispassionate. Technocracy thrives on data, and there is no such things as too much.