IBM’s ‘Debater AI’ Loses Debate To Human

]Now computer AI can argue with you. IBM again pushes the envelope with its advanced AI software/hardware to take on a champion human debater, but it lost. The next debate may turn out differently.

AI Algorithms Are Writing Stories, Replacing Reporters

If words are a medium of creative human communication, how can an inhuman AI computer program add to knowledge? The answer is that it cannot, and in fact, it dumbs it down. Why should “artificial” replace the real thing?

‘Self-Aware’ Autonomous Robot That Can Repair Itself

Hailed as a major scientific breakthrough, this robot mimics a newborn child in discovering its identity and how learn about and relate to its environment. The twist is that it can also repair itself if broken. Autonomous, self-learning robots are the reason that many experts are are warning about existential threats to mankind.

New Car Tech Will Hoover Data On All Occupants

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a Technocrat bonanza gone wild. Your car used to be a private spot where you could ‘get away from it all’ but now that is over. Technocrats will use every sensor in the car, plus new ones, to monitor and analyze each occupant.