Facebook To Judge Which News Sites Are ‘Credible’ Or Not

The problem with censorship in general is not traditional left-right conflict of ideology; rather, it is the Technocrat mindset that a) every problem can be solved by algorithm, b) they are the only data jockeys who know how to do it and c) they are the ‘chosen’ and therefore must act. The culture at Big Tech sees their Utopian ideology as the only valid possibility and rejects all else.

Pamela Geller: Who Is Behind The Internet Thought Police?

Pamela Geller asks the question, to what degree is the Internet thought police influenced by Islamic and agenda? The answer may be disturbing but TN has consistently noted that there is a distinct link between Technocracy and radical Islam. In this case, Islamic operatives is positions of power are directing the media to be friendly toward Islam but harshly critical of everything else.

Facebook, Amazon, Google And Twitter All Work With Left-Wing SPLC

Big Tech, steeped in Technocracy, finds a working relationship with the ultra-left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) based on the principle, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Big Tech’s core value system is based on Scientism, a utopian religion that views itself as the sole custodian of truth; thus, all other values must be eradicated.

Tommy Robinson: Free Speech Is Critically Wounded In London

Free Speech has been dealt a lethal blow in England, where an activist reporter was railroaded into prison after covering a trial while broadcasting to social media.  His hour-long livestream to Facebook was watched over 250,000 time within hours of posting. The judge was enraged that Robinson encouraged people to share: “I regard it as a serious aggravating feature that he was encouraging others to share it and it had been shared widely. That is the nature of the contempt.”

Scientists: Data And AI Can Tell Who Is Lying

As AI facial analysis algorithms proliferate, they will be implemented in every conceivable application and circumstance. However, such software will never be ‘certified’ as 100% effective, creating social chaos as accusations fly. Technocrat scientists who invent this stuff have no view of ethics or societal implications.