Climate Change

John Kerry: Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

Technocrats intend to control all food production in order to control populations. Why would governments confiscate farms? Just ask Netherlands. Since farms use nitrogen fertilizers to grow crops, and since nitrogen has been declared a harmful pollutant, confiscating farms is seen as a way to combat global warming. I can guarantee that Bill Gates’ farming empire will not be one to be confiscated.

California Sets ‘Zero Emissions’ For Passenger and Freight Trains

The current fleet of locomotives will the outlawed by 2030 and all new models must meet zero-emissions thereafter. This will likely get struck down in court because other states will not allow California to dictate the terms and conditions of interstate commerce. Nevertheless, California’s shadow government is totally technocratic.

Climate Change Flip-Flop? Bank of England Drops It, Biden Drills For Big Oil

The grand narrative on climate change hasn’t changed (yet) but the hypocrisy of it all is showing through. In a major reversal. the Bank of England is cutting climate change spending while Biden just approved a gigantic oil drilling initiative. Could this be the beginning of the end of the war on carbon? Not likely. Technocrats still want to destroy capitalism.

10,000 Dutch Farmers Descend On The Hague To Protest Nitrogen Fertilizer Restrictions

The UN is attacking farmers by blaming them for up to 1/3 of so-called “greenhouse gasses” that cause global warming. Restricting the use of fertilizers is a direct attack on all of humanity to reduce population while gaining control over those who remain. The perpetrators at the top are eyes-wide-open, Those carrying out their evil schemes are just plain stupid. Welcome to Technocracy.

The Empty Predictions Of The Global Warming Cult

“Believers” in man-made global warming show their love and devotion for “mother earth” and are bent on saving it at all costs. Their prophecies of doom have repeatedly failed. They have long abandoned legitimate science to embrace pseudo-science, forcing the data to fit their preconceived conclusions. It’s time they stopped getting a free pass to change society.

Rogue Climate Activist’s Startup Company To Release ‘Mini Volcanoes’ To Cool Atmosphere

Brazen geoengineering will launch weather balloons to inject sulphur particles into the stratosphere to “help cool the planet”. The company Make Sunsets is run by CEO¬† Luke Iseman. Iceman is the former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator, a seedbed of Technocrat and Transhumanist startup companies. There is zero public or government support for Iseman’s actions.

Covid Panic, Climate Panic: Driven By Same People For Same Purpose

TN has claimed from the very start of the Covid panic in 2020 that the same people who drove the “climate crisis” were driving the Covid panic as a new initiative in the war against humanity. The only solution ever offered is the UN’s Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Techniques of the Covid panic, like lockdowns, are now going to be used for climate crisis.

It’s Official: No Global Warming For Eight Years

Eight years ago, prominent atmospheric scientists and physicists predicted that global cooling would take place over the next few decades, perhaps even bringing a new mini-ice age. They were scoffed at and mocked. Now the record is official: no global warming is taking place, period. This will not deter the global warming cult, however, from crowing about global warming.