Climate Change

Scientists: Climate Change Is ‘Not As Bad As We Thought’

When Technocrat scientists refer to a ‘computer model’ of weather, it means just that. It is not the weather, but only some scientist’s idea of what the weather is or should be. Thus, there could be an infinite number of models depending on who is programming them, which assumptions are used and whose data is provided.

Scientists: ‘Planet-Hacking’ Plan For Atmosphere Could Keep Earth Habitable For Longer

Speculative chemtrail theories have abounded for years because people are either too lazy or too ill-equipped to do the proper research into the real roots of atmospheric tampering, namely, scientific geo-engineering. The real story behind geo-engineering is much more disturbing than any conspiracy theory. Technocrat scientists are bent on hacking the atmosphere to ‘save’ the planet. There are many geo-engineering scientists to oppose this crackpot scheme.

The Curious Relationship Between Climate Change, Immigration And Abortion

Since abortion was legalized in 1973 by the Roe v. Wade decision, America has terminated over 60 million babies. If these had been allowed to grow and become productive citizens, the baby-boomer generation would not be fretting over the possible bankruptcy of the Social Security trust fund, nor would America be $21 trillion in debt. Yet, instead of a raising a political remedy for a clearly documented man-made demographic genocide, politicians (and citizens) are instead freaked out over man-made global warming based on faulty data and bad science.

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