Climate Change

Tim Ball: The Evidence Proves That CO2 is Not a Greenhouse Gas

The CO2 error is the root of the biggest scam in the history of the world, and has already bilked nations and citizens out of trillions of dollars, while greatly enriching the perpetrators. In the end, their goal is global Technocracy (aka Sustainable Development), which grabs and sequesters all the resources of the world into a collective trust to be managed by them.

Paris Climate Agreement Is Finally Unraveling Everywhere

While the rhetoric continues, actions are speaking louder than words: coal and fossil fuel production and usage is still rising as nations refuse to do things that will harm their own economies. Technocrats at the UN and elsewhere can only scream louder and longer that mankind is doomed if global warming isn’t curtailed.

Sun Went Blank For Most Of 2018, Promises Big Freeze Winter

Global warming alarmists will not welcome winter’s potential deep freeze in 2018, but predictably, they will figure out a way to blame it on global warming anyway. No amount of evidence to the contrary will change their mind, which proves that they have turned their position into a religion.

Global-Warming Alarmists Pressure Media To Silence Skeptics

If you are not a climate/global warming alarmist, you probably don’t care about global warming that much, but that doesn’t dissuade the alarmists from piping down. In the meantime, the media is constantly pressured to stop publishing any dissent by ‘deniers’ because it blasts holes in their corrupted and faulty theories.

How Technocrats Use Administrative Law To Skirt Politicians

It started with the theory of Administrative law and gave way to a later legal theory called Reflexive law. Neither has anything to do with America’s traditional ‘Rule of Law’ that is supposed to apply equal justice to all Americans regardless of race, creed, color and religion. Further, when these alternative legal theories are put into practice, they are destructive to the original intent.

The Ridiculous Myth Of Powering The Nation With Renewable Energy

Technocrats should back up a few steps and look at the foolishness of their plans: To power America with 100% renewable enerty they propose 500,000 wind turbines, 18 billion square feet of solar panels, 75 million residential rooftop systems, 50,000 wind and solar farms. The projected cost is a minimum of $15.2 Trillion. However, we are already fully powered with enough oil, natural gas and coal resources to last another 200 years.