Climate Change


Al Gore’s Deliberate Global Warming Fraud

 Al Gore has promoted the snake-oil of global warming hysteria in order to increase his own wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars. The only solution offered was Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy or Green Economy. 

Australia PM Adviser: Climate Change Is ‘UN-Led Ruse To Establish New World Order’

Although he is 100 percent correct, Newman is getting hammered for his remarks: “anti-science, fringe views”, “whacko”, “bizarre”,  “crazed conspiracy theorist”. His remarks were directed toward Christiana Figueres who previously stated that the UN goal is to destroy Capitalism and Free Enterprise and replace it with Sustainable Development, aka, Technocracy.

NOAA’s Pathetic Weather Forecast From Last November

NOAA’s forecast just 10 weeks ago proves that they have no idea of what they are talking about. Northern temps have been as much as 40 degrees below normal, all-time cold records have been recorded throughout the northern states and snowfall has been one of the heaviest ever. The problem? NOAA is full of Technocrats who cuddle their faulty data in a windowless room and then rely on faulty computer models to make predictions.