San Francisco One-Ups Dirty Harry With “Come on, punk. Make My Day” Killer Robot

Desperate for solutions to stem the crime disaster of their own making, San Francisco turns to advanced technology for automated killing machines. Now that they have started down this road, they will find that there is no exit lane or a turn-a-round. The dystopian world they are creating always looks reasonable on the surface, but it is deadly on the inside.

European Energy Crisis Making EV Battery Plants “Unfeasible”

The alternative energy industry is headed for a brick wall. The reality is that it takes cheap energy to make things like battery packs. The declared war on “fossil” fuels will continue to backfire on any country that buys into the false economic proposition that solar and wind is a free lunch. Will they ever learn that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Not Happy Thanksgiving: Biden Stuffs America’s 401(k)s With ESG

The Biden Administration has shafted Americans’ 401(k) retirement plans by allowing “woke” fund managers to support ESG investing without threat of legal liability. This allows them to put social impact and “Great Reset” above profit and capital preservation. For many, this will decimate returns on retirement funds.

UN Secretary-General’s Statement Concluding COP27 In Egypt

Blather, blather, blather. Last time I looked, we are not “facing a burning planet.” In fact, cold temperatures at the South Pole this November have shattered all records since data collection started in 1957. Well, don’t bother the United Nations with the facts: they wouldn’t know what to do with them if their lives depended on it.

Insane G20 Calls For Vaccine Passports On All Future International Travel

Technocrats at the G20 conference plotted out the next pandemic, as if it were a certainty, and concluded the best thing is to require vaccine passports for all international travel NOW in order to head off future global consequences. Yes, President Biden attended G20 on behalf of the United States. There is no global legal authority that can shoot this down.