German Outrage Over The Country’s Oil And Gas Boiler Ban

The German people are suddenly shocked and angered that oil and gas for heating and cooking will be banned in 2024, forcing the use of more expensive and inefficient electricity. Where were they when these regulations were working through woke committees full of environmental crazies? Well, they were fast asleep just as Americans are today.

Alternative Energy Projects Are Bankrupting The Energy Grid

The Technocrat template used to implement alternative energy schemes is simple: Grossly overstate the benefits and vastly understate the cost. Pure and simple, this is intentional fraud because it has happened this way in every single case. The objective is to set up a system of energy scarcity and control that can be used to control economic output and consumption.

Top 15 Reasons That Prove Global Warming Is A Hoax

Global warming is a hoax invented by Technocrats such as populate the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations. The singular purpose is to drive the world into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. The pandemic hoax followed the same path, and only one solution is offered.

New York State To Be First To Ban Natural Gas In New Construction

The environmental movement to electrify everything refuses to die out even as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this month overturned the California city of Berkeley’s ban on natural gas. The nation already does not have enough reliable production of electricity to power the explosion of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, Technocrats are bent on controlling all energy production and consumption.⁃

Year One: China Emerges At Center Of New World Order

China is arguably a modern-day Technocracy, originally groomed and taught by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission in 1973. When China entered the world economic stage, it was not taught principles of free market economics, but rather Technocracy, or the Commission’s self-proclaimed New International Economic Order.

Bill Gates Invests $4.7 Million In Data-Collecting Faceware For Livestock

Bill Gates is the poster child for Technocracy. He is also an avowed transhuman as well as a eugenicist. Do cows need face masks and monitoring? Hardly. Smart mask data collection via 5G or WiFi will put EMF radiation close to the brain, but this is not a consideration. Technocrats invent because the can, not because there is any demonstrated need to do so.

Technocracy Exposed With The World Health Organization’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’

Global public health is merely the prop for the greater scheme of taking control of the entire planet and all of its resources, including humans. If adopted, the treaty will  doom democracy and republicanism to the dustbin of history. Big Pharma and the biotech industry will sit at the top of the new international Technocracy, directing the transmogrification of Humanity 2.0 .

The Troubling Future Of The Green Electric Revolution

Fatalism abounds. The human and environmental cost of making EVs is enormous. There will never be enough availability energy to charge all the EVs currently envisioned by manufacturers. The outcome in America will be identical to the UK as reality slaps the face of Utopian Technocrat dreamers.