Cities Face ‘An Absolute Land Grab’ From 5G Telecoms

Cities are the losers as giant telecom companies grab real estate for high density 5G towers. That the FCC would deny cities’ rights to control their own destiny is patently unconstitutional and likely illegal as well, but the lobby steamroller could care less.

CRISPR DNA Editing Tool Gets Major Upgrade

Technocrat and Transhuman geneticists are salivating to get their hands on this revolutionary technology that will give them total and direct control over the human genome and other DNA-based life forms.

All Rise: Here Comes The (AI) Judge

This whole meme rests on “As computer researchers get closer to creating true Artificial Intelligence”. The fact is, they haven’t created ‘true’ AI but persist in trying, keeping reality just around a corner that never shows up. Betting on the come” is an age-old con game.

China, The NBA And The Massive Face of Globalization

Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973. When Brzezinski became National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, his signature achievement was to bring China onto the world stage.