Fintech & Blockchain

Russia, Iran Eye Issuance Of Stablecoin Backed By Gold

After the decoupling of gold from the dollar in 1971, central banks decried “Gold is dead”, “Gold is not money”, Gold is obsolete”; and thus, the war on gold began, even though those same central banks were quietly accumulating vast stores of gold. Now, suddenly, gold is resurrecting as the most important monetary asset in the world.

The UN Wants Trillions $$ Per Year Plus A ‘Transformation Of The World’s Financial System’

The United Nations consists of unelected and unaccountable Technocrats who are bent on establishing Technocracy as the global economic and financial system. Transforming energy into a completely controllable market, plus implementing a centralized and digitalized financial tracking system based on blockchain technology, will do just that. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

New York Federal Reserve To Test Digital Dollar With Big Banks

Technocrats within the central bank network around the world have developed working technology for Central Bank Digital Currency and are now testing their inventions. For the NY Fed to call this a “digital dollar” and “distributed blockchain” are misnomers: they should be a CBDC and centralized bank transactions. Big banks are eagerly cooperating with the Fed.

BIS Tests mBridge: Successful Pilot Of Cross-Border CBDC Platform

According to the BIS, the mBridge ledger is a “new native blockchain”, “custom-designed and developed by central banks for central banks, to serve as a specialized and flexible platform implementation for multi-currency cross-border payments.” This expansive blockchain technology will tie the world’s central bank system into a monolithic structure of financial control.

Monetary Transformation: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

If “the fish rots from the head down”, then look no further than the Bank for International Settlement for the rapid implementation of CBDCs throughout the world. The chart below is likely out of date, with much more development having been conducted since the data was collected. The CBDC network is the chosen monetary system for the other side of the Great Reset.

Vast European Opposition To Central Bank Digital Currency

They asked for public comment. The overwhelming majority said to stuff it. In defiance of public sentiment, the response is “the European Commission will need to step up their efforts to better explain to its population how a digital euro works, to demystify some beliefs, and perhaps to show the benefits of a digital euro.”

Bank for International Settlements Lowers The Boom On Cryptocurrencies

Fintech is the chosen financial system for Sustainable Development. Today’s cryptocurrencies will be completely driven out of existence by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) which collectively serve to “build trust in sovereign currencies.” Technocrats will not allow the existence of things they cannot control, so unfortunately, crypto’s days are numbered.