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More Restaurants Go Cashless, Accept Only Cards

In July 2017, Visa announced it would pay restaurant owners $10,000 to go cashless, and that it had other such campaigns as well. Now many more restaurants are making the switch from cash to plastic. The global movement to strip cash out of society is driven by Technocrats who know that Technocracy cannot thrive without data from every purchase.

Swedes Are Rising Up Against Cashless Society

Highly Technocratic Sweden is the world leader in driving cash out of society, opting for all digital transactions. Citizens are finally figuring out what could happen if the digital system got turned off, or if they were denied access to it. Citizens in other countries should pay close attention.

Snowden: The NSA Is Hunting Down Senders And Receivers Of Bitcoin

There are crooks and then there are lots of normal and innocent people who deal with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The digital bloodhounds at the NSA took it as a challenge to hunt them all down and track their activity. This required new tools and techniques. You may think that your crypto-wallet is safe and private, but that perception will crumble once you know that the NSA is on your heels.

China’s New Central Bank Head Is US-Trained Technocrat

The new head of China’s Central Bank received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois and was a professor of economics at Indiana University in Indianapolis. In other words, he is a product of America as much as China. Bloomberg calls him a Technocrat. The picture of Xi Jinping as omnipotent dictator may have sprouted some puppet strings.

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