Fintech & Blockchain


Big Finance Is Behind The Cashless Society Con

Technocracy depends upon a digital society where every transaction can be tracked and analyzed. Cash prevents such tracking, and thus is being unilaterally removed. There has been no public request or particular need to destroy cash and so far, the public has not resisted the push.

Bank For International Settlements Blasts Crypto-Currencies As Fatally Flawed As Money

As currently created, crypto-currencies are serving a purpose of showing what will not work as digital currency, but at the same time, central major banks are intent on creating a replacement that will work. By nature, Technocrats will use technology to solve all of their problems, and a cashless global economy obviously begs for some sort of digital currency that is accepted by all.

Swedish Lawmakers Try To Halt Banks’ March Toward Cashless Society

In a rare first, Sweden’s lawmakers are battling Technocrats over cash v. cashlessness. Its central bank, in collusion with national banks have apparently gone too far to fast to strip cash from the banking system. Alarmed lawmakers are now going toe to toe with these bankers to stop them. A cashless society is key to implementing Technocracy, so this will be telling to see who wins this battle.

The Universal War On Cash Is Gaining Momentum

Removing cash from the economy forces everyone to become digitalized whether they like it or not. It destroys the last semblance of anonymity and privacy, allowing the Technocrat banking machine to harvest every monetary transaction in the world. Blockchain will become the perfect medium of ‘preserving’ transactions except that the data will be held by centralized supercomputers.