Fintech & Blockchain

Confiscation: The War On Cash Enters Bold New Phase

Always look beyond the obvious headlines to see what is going on in the shadows. In this case, the tools of outright wealth confiscation are being fine tuned: negative interest rates, limits on cash withdrawals, transfers and freezing assets. To keep cash alive, one must use it daily.

Electronic Cash Designed By The Boston Fed, MIT

The Fed in general is studying the plausibility of releasing a U.S. digital currency. It has said that a digital currency would not be intended to replace cash, in spite of a mountain of global evidence that cash is in the crosshairs for extinction. The United Nations has declared Fintech to be to financial system to support Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

Flashback: Social Credit And The Dark Side Of Blockchain

Technocrat Jack Dorsey recently resigned from Twitter’s dystopian culture to immerse himself full-time into the bitcoin and blockchain technology world in order to “reset the internet” (Web 3.0) and decentralize traditional global structures. Dorsey’s dystopian touch will expose blockchain as the ultimate system of total control.

Wall Street Launches New Asset Class To Dominate Nature

Wall Street’s “financialization of nature” is a twisted scheme that turns nature into a commodity, allowing investors to speculate on it. This is comparable to the massive derivative markets where value is hypothesized into betting instruments. Despite the rhetoric, it will not help to save the environment.

Crypto Equated To Toxic Pre-Crisis Derivative Swaps

In the 2007-2008 financial meltdown, it was so-called ‘derivative’ market that almost toppled the world. Derivatives are bets on future market or economic behavior and loose no consequences until certain triggers are pulled. Estimates of the size of the derivatives market are in the quadtrillions.

The War On Cash Is Very Real, Not Just Speculation

Technocracy’s total surveillance ideology demands that anonymous cash transactions be removed from the economic system. Why? Because what cannot be monitored cannot be controlled, and cash transactions cannot be monitored! Thus, the future economy is being fully digitalized.