Fintech & Blockchain

The War On Cash Is Very Real, Not Just Speculation

Technocracy’s total surveillance ideology demands that anonymous cash transactions be removed from the economic system. Why? Because what cannot be monitored cannot be controlled, and cash transactions cannot be monitored! Thus, the future economy is being fully digitalized.

China’s Digital Yuan Is Technocracy’s Dream Currency

China’s Technocracy is almost complete as it issues a digital, programmable currency where the location and ownership of each individual unit is recorded and monitored. It can also be selectively switched off for any reason. It is also rumored that China is stockpiling gold for a possible linkage to the digital Yuan.

Rickards: The War On Cash, Phase II

TN has covered the war on cash as a prime initiative of Technocracy. Technocrats cannot tolerate anonymity or lack of control over any segment of society. Thus, driving cash out of circulation and ultimately replacing it with a digital currency will force every human on earth to hook up to the “system”.

How Big Banks Will Force Americans Into The Great Reset

The global banks will be the principal fulcrum to lever the world into the Great Reset, which is Technocracy, a resource-based economic system where oligarchs own everything and citizens own nothing. The pandemic was merely a rehash of Greta Thunberg stamping her feet to get people to panic over climate change