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Michael Gove: Genetically Modified Animals Could To Enter UK Food Chain After Brexit

Technocrats are in process of solidifying the lie that CRISPR technology can be used on animals to “accelerate the process of breeding and evolution”, as if there were no risks involved and that the animals with altered genes were functionally equivalent to their naturally-bred counterparts. This is simply not true. Secondly, it should be noted that Brexit is giving way to these Technocrats, including Prime Minister Theresa May, who was identified as a Technocrat even before she took office.

New Wave Of GMO Escapes Regulation To Transform Global Food Supplies

GMOs will quickly dominate the global food chain under a new mantra that gene editing is merely “accelerated breeding technology.”  Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has bought this brazen lie and states that GMO plants are not “regulated articles” because they don’t contain foreign pathogens from bacteria. Thus, the new breed of gene editors will not be regulated, monitored or required to conduct detailed testing, and yet they will contaminate the gene pool of the world’s food supply. This is a horribly dangerous combination of greed and a Technocrat mindset that the ‘science is already settled.’

Twisted: Wired Magazine Suggests Cannibalism With Artificially Grown Meat

Technocrats have no moral or ethical compass, so if humans are just bags of molecules and atoms, then they are no different than animals. This is the most hideous side of Technocrat thinking, and the most dangerous to the societies they are trying to engineer. Now that the discussion has started, it is just a matter of time before someone suggests recycling humans for food, aka Soylent Green.

Technocrats See Engineered Crops As Only Path To Solve Global Hunger

Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’ where the only solution to any problem is science itself. Thus, Technocrats will eagerly – and permanently – modify the germline of major food crops in order to feed the world. How will testing be accomplished? Well, there will be no testing. Technocrats see little need for testing when they deem the science to be ‘settled’.

EPA Controls water

EPA’s Secret Maps Back New Regulatory Push To Control All Water In U.S.

I wrote in May 2017, “I have warned for years that the Federal government would assert its full authority under the Clean Water Act that cedes all water in the U.S. to the them: from rivers, marshes, swamps, mud flats, drainage, playas, underground rivers, etc. The Feds are making a test case out of this farmer, and if they win, food production in America will drop precipitously.” That day has arrived where the EPA – under a Trump Administration – seeks to exert its full authority. This is a must-read article for everyone and especially those involved with farming or ranching. 

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