Food Systems


Restaurant Robots May Upend The Food Industry, Or Not

Restaurants have traditionally provided a solid foundation for entry-level jobs in society. As robots displace young workers, the possibility exists that, after the novelty wears off, the public will completely reject restaurant automation, leaving Technocrat inventors shaking their heads.

Missouri First State To Declare That ‘Meat’ Means ‘Meat’

Tofu is not meat; neither is lab-grown tissue. However, meat-haters have long been trying to have non-meat products marketed as meat to confuse consumers and harm the animal husbandry industry. Missouri has made history by standing up to this cartel by legislating that ‘meat’ means ‘meat’ and nothing else.

The Race Heats Up For More Genetically Modified Seed Technologies

There is a proliferation of  startup companies with new visions of advanced GMO technology to modify the human food supply. Technocrats believe that every problem facing man requires a scientific solution. Where there is no obvious problem, one will be created and then solved. In this case, the long-term effect of modifying the food chain is totally unknowable.