Genetic Engineering

Risk On: The Dramatic Rise Of Genetically Modified Food

Technocratic tinkering with life is risky to human life and well- being. While skating by the Department of Agriculture as “substantially equivalent” foods, genetically engineered products are permanently tainting our food supply. The biggest risk is to the human biome and the immune system. Each year large numbers of food items are added to the GMO shelf in supermarkets.

Humans as Bioreactors: How DARPA pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines

DARPA is the Technocrat/Transhumanist dark arm of the military/biodefense industry. mRNA “vaccines” were initially considered for military use against biowarfare, but Moderna was used to test the concept on the entire global population. The results have been disastrous but leaders refuse to stop the injections. The cozy relationship between DARPA and Moderna needs to be blown wide open.

Ratman: Human Brain Cells Grown In Rats

Technocrats invent because they can, not because they have a mandate to do so. Mixing and matching genes and cells from different species is the end result of synthetic biology with no ethical or moral restraints. Worse, most of these scientists are paid with taxpayer money to keep their labs spewing out frankenspecies.

Human Genome Mapping: $200, 2 Days, Twice As Fast

As the price falls and speed picks up, there will be a time in the next few years where everyone’s genome could be mapped and stored. This is a Transhumanist dreamscape because analyzing and comparing everybody’s gene structure would be a goldmine of data, which would be viewed as a pathway to immortality.

Bite Me: Human Successfully Vaccinated By Genetically Modified Mosquitos

The total takeover of all genetic material on earth will spawn projects like this, to use weaponize nature against humans to control human health. This will fit well with Biden’s new Executive Order, National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative,  that institutionalizes research and development of genetic modification across all branches of government and with billions in grants.