Green Economy

Time-Tested Economic Theory Being Thrown Under The Bus

As Technocracy and its Green Economy encroaches on Capitalism and Free Enterprise, traditional economic models are being forever corrupted with non-economic factors. Traditional economic analysis depends on factual historical data. Green Economic analysis factors in unknown and unprovable climate change factors. The result will be absolute gibberish.

‘Green’ China Leads The Global Drive For A Sustainable Economy

Granted, this is an industry press-release, but it underscores the globalist mentality that China is in the Green Economy driver’s seat for decades to come. Investment capital is flowing into China, which is an engineered Technocracy, because it is viewed as a safe haven for fellow Technocrats.

World Green Economy Organization

UAE: World Green Economy Organization Launches Financial Platform

The financing of Sustainable Development, aka Green Economy and Technocracy, is being driven by the Islamic nation, United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with China. The U.N. is backing the program. Note that the UAE is a founding member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AAIB) that is normally attributed to China. Both China and the UAE are prime examples of Technocracy in action.

Belt and Road

China Is Asserting Itself As The Driving Force Behind Globalization

As Trump plays the Protectionist card on global trade, China is wasting no time in taking over the lead with globalization. It intends to re-open the famous trade route called the Silk Road, which connected Asia with Europe. Instead of dirt roads and paths, the new “Belt and Road” project will span 65 nations and cost upwards of $1 Trillion. However, it will revolutionize global trade and give China a wide-open door to Europe and the Mideast.

As a Technocracy, China will naturally seek to build infrastructure to connect to as many trading centers as possible. Belt and Road will be the largest infrastructure ever undertaken. Meanwhile, Trump’s hardline rhetoric against China during the campaign cycle has turned to sawdust. China is wasting no time to take advantage of it.

The Future Of Green Business Lies In Urbanization, Smart Cities and Sustainability

There is a development race on amongst global corporations to promote urbanization as a way to reap trillions for themselves. Understand that this is not really about ‘sustainability’ or the environment: It is about new forms of economic development that did not exist before, but are now possible. It is about tapping into the public purse directly and without limit.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Global Centre Of Green Economy In UAE’s Vision 2021

Why are Islamic countries so interested in ‘Green Economy’? The book, Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin states that 12% of the Koran’s verses concern care for planet Earth. This, he claims, is why Islam is totally behind Sustainable Development and its UN programs.

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