Green Economy


Mohammad Bin Rashid Launches World Green Economy Organisation

The Islamic business community is emerging as the primary advocate of the UN’s Green Economy. This reflects the “Green Deen”, where deen means ‘way’ in Arabic. The Green Deen in a prominent doctrine in the Koran, where up to 12 percent of its verses deal with environmental issues.

Backlash To World Economic Order Clouds Outlook At IMF Talks

As a whole, the ‘global elite’ who promote globalization, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, etc., are completely non-plussed at the open rebellion of citizens around the world. Populism, protectionism and nationalism are their new enemies that must be defeated so their plans can move forward.

World Green Economy Summit Being Held In Dubai

The very large Islamic connection to Green Economy is seen in this conference being held in Dubai for the second year in a row. Twelve percent of the Koran reportedly deals with ‘care of the earth’ issues (See Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting The Planet, Abdul-Matin)

Switzerland Set To Reject Green Economy Initiative

The efforts of grass-roots ‘deniers’ is paying off in Switzerland. When people see through the scam of climate change and green economy, they will naturally reject it; this is exactly why Technocrats want to clamp down on free speech around the world.

Greenspan Freaks: ‘Crazies’ Will Undermine New World Order

Greenspan was a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission and he has championed of the Trilateral’s ‘New International Order’ for decades. That anyone would reject his self-aggrandized ‘New International Economic Order’ is simply perplexing to him. Such is the mind of a Technocrat: clueless.

Paris Agreement drives shift to green economy but huge challenges remain

To understand the mind of Technocracy, you must listen to what Technocrats say about their own agenda, in this case, forming the ‘Green Economy’. According to this article, “Shifting from an infrastructure and economy based on the traditional 20th-century model to a new green society demands massive investment and huge disruption.”

New Global Database Tracks Development Of The Green Economy

When they have no data reflecting or substantiating the so-called Green Economy, what do Technocrats do? Create a data modeling system and simply make up the data. We are getting closer to the realization of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in Nineteen Eighty Four. ⁃ Technocracy News Editor