Health Systems


AI And The Future Of Medical Treatment

Technocrat practices have already taken over most of the medical industry with so-called ‘evidence-based’ treatments. IBM’s Watson program, for instance, claims better diagnosis and treatment of cancer than highly skilled physicians. We will soon be hearing, “The algorithm will see you now…”

‘Miracle Milly’: Dog Cloned 49 Times In Pointless Genetic Study

Scientists say they want to discover the DNA responsible for the dog’s small size, but in the process are perfecting cloning technology. This smacks of Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) where humans were cloned (doppelgängers) to fill particular classes of jobs in society; procreation outside of the laboratory was forbidden.

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccinations

Just as a few Big Tech companies control media exposure on the earth, so to will a few Big Pharma companies control the genetic future of planetary citizens. Technocrats are outside of all ethical and moral bounds, bent on the ‘science of social engineering.”

China Introduces Driverless Ambulances And Robot Doctors

Technocrats in China use herd management principles to automate every aspect of health care. It is theoretically possible for an sick citizen to never see a human in the care of their illness. Does China have enough people to educate more doctors and nurses? Of course, but Technocrats prefer engineering solutions to any problem.

Google Is Training AI To Predict When A Patient Will Die

‘Evidence-based medicine’ is already turning the medical profession upside-down and dehumanizing patient care, but the application of AI to predict treatment and outcomes is several orders of magnitude worse. If Google wrongly predicts your imminent demise, will treatment be pulled away to save money?

Scientists: CRISPR Gene Editing Might Cause Cancer

By nature, Technocrats are over-confident in their ability to to understand and solve everything. Their belief in science overreaches reality but has little concern for the people affected by it. In this case, real scientists recognize that the human genome is infinitely complex and true understanding of how it all works is merely a distant dream.

London Hospitals Begin To Replace Doctors And Nurses With AI

The problem is inefficient and inaccurate health care. The Technocrat answer to any problem is more technology. Note that AI is also being used to predict which patients will show up for their appointments. If the resulting program does not deliver the expected benefits, the claim will be that more data is needed.