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AI Therapists: ‘The Woebot Will See You Now’

Technocracy’s ‘science of social engineering’ is taking a strange and dangerous twist with the invention of AI therapy bots that help humans with their psychological issues. As you confess your darkest secrets to Woebot, rest assured that they will stay in your file forever.

Scientists: Smartphone Addiction Creates Imbalance in The Brain

This study is from the Radiological Society of North America, and is as authoritative as it can get: Cell phones are addictive to young brains! Technocrats like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs knew full well that this was the case since they prohibited phone/screen use for their own children! There are serious adverse effects on adults as well.

Scientists: LSD And Magic Mushrooms For End-Of-Life Patients

Hallucinogenic drugs sought provide non-Biblical answers to questions like who we are, why are we here and where are we going. Traditionally, Christianity has provided these answers. Technocrat scientists and physicians want to equip hospice caregivers with both psilocybin and LSD to deliver alternate answers to end-of-life patients.

FDA Approves First Digital Pill For Behavior Modification

As one Technocrat physician stated, ““When patients don’t adhere to lifestyle or medications that are prescribed for them, there are really substantive consequences”. Healthcare enters a new phase as treatment is delivered by enforceable drug regimens. Physicians will be mandated to use digital drugs or face censure or dismissal. Physicians are already subject to “Evidence-Based Medicine” (EBM) where treatments are mandated from above, with penalties for non-compliance. 

Scientists Are Implanting Tiny HUMAN Brains Into Rats

Medical ethics has been again thrown under the bus as Technocrat scientists push the envelope for no other reason except that they can. And they have. One scientist said, “The science is advancing so rapidly, the ethics can’t keep up.” A normal human being would slow down and let them catch up!