Health Systems

Lab-Grown Mini-Brains Are Causing An Ethical Uproar

This is further development of President Obama’s multibillion-dollar brain-map initiative started in 2013. Just as human DNA was ‘mapped’, the BRAIN project was to probe the human brain in action and figure out exactly how it works. Driving forces behind this included Transhumanists who seek immortality through science.

Jury Busts Unrepentant Monsanto Over Cancer-Causing Roundup Weed-Killer

In a major legal victory for attorney Robert F. Kennedy, a jury found that Monsanto acted with ‘malice and oppression’ and ‘reckless disregard for human life.’ Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup, has literally polluted the entire planet in order for them to market their GMO seeds that are Roundup Resistant. In defiance, Monsanto continued to hide behind its ‘scientific studies’ that claim Roundup (glyphosate) does not cause cancer. Technocrats have no problem ignoring any evidence contrary to their preconceived vision of reality.

Belgium Horror: World’s First Nation To Euthanize Children

First came abortion-on-demand, then elderly assisted suicide and euthanasia, and now euthanasia of children. Technocrats who believe in and practice ‘herd management’ of society see no problem with the selective culling of weaker members. With white coats and prestigious titles, these killers are no better than all the Hitler-type tyrants who are sprinkled throughout history.