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Court Documents Reveal That Monsanto Hired Army Of Trolls To Kill Online Dissent

Monsanto’s heavy-handed business tactics are legendary and they will do anything to protect their proprietary intellectual rights. Monsanto is defending against 50 lawsuits lodged against them in the U.S. District Court in California. First the hire an army of trolls to browbeat protesters then they hire an army of lawyers to defend themselves in court. However, it was preceded by an army of Technocrats who run the company in the first place.

Students Ejected From Class Over Lack Of Vaccinations

Technocrats all say that their science is “settled” and that everyone else must obey. These students were kicked out of school because they opted not to take vaccines. If vaccines really worked as claimed, why would any vaccinated student be worried? This is a religions war that is developing between Scientism and everyone else.