Internet of Things

The Battle Between States And Cities To Control 5G

Thanks to carrier lobbying, twenty states have already passed legislation to strip their cities of the power to regulate 5G rollouts. Cities are fighting  back with lawsuits to restore local control and ability to set fees and address health concerns. A Technocrat state Senator in Texas says, “We should keep government out of the way of technology and let technology get us all there.”

AT&T Is Rolling Out 5G To Five Additional American Cities

At last count, the major telecom carriers are working on 5G rollout in about 50 cities throughout America, including some second tier cities like Waco, Texas and Sacramento, California. The big surge of mass installation should be fully underway by mid-2019. This is not about cell phones, but rather factories, autonomous vehicles, ubiquitous collection of data from sensors, surveillance and Smart City technology.

How IoT Will Transform Consumerism, Enterprises And Governments Over Next Five Years

Forty billion Internet Of Things devices will cost at least $1.5 trillion by 2023, and that doesn’t include the cost of implementing 5G wireless technology to ‘light it up.’ This BI report is a premium offering, but it gives the reader an idea of the magnitude of what lies ahead. Technocrats are celebrating even as hackers are licking their chops.