Internet of Things


Everything You Need To Know About A Nationalized 5G Wireless Network

It might be that the story about nationalizing 5G was a trial balloon that turned into a lead balloon, but it doesn’t mean that 5G isn’t racing ahead like a freight train. Corporate cellular providers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc., will all build their own 5G networks, resulting in more towers and more radiation. 5G is so fast that it will revolutionize the Internet of Everything, allowing real-time transmission of data.

Trump Admin Considering Nationalizing Upcoming 5G Wireless Network

The new 5G cellular standard is expected to put real-time communications in place for the Internet of Things; thus, in the hands of the government, all IoT data could be collected and captured directly by the government. It is already known that most cell carriers are already providing massive amounts of data to the government. The misleading rational offered for nationalization is to ‘guard against China’.

KRACK: Huge Wi-Fi Vulnerability Threatens Internet Armageddon

The IoT is predicated on Wi-Fi connectivity; whatever security flaws existed previously pale in comparison to a flaw discovered in the Wi-Fi security protocol itself. Hundreds of millions of existing Wi-Fi devices are at risk, and most will never be patched. Undoubtedly, this will raise calls for a new security protocol, like quantum encryption currently being perfected by China.

Internet Of Everything: The Best Definition You Will Find

The Internet of Everything (IoE) incorporates the Internet of Things and everything else into a single architecture. If you don’t understand what Cloud Computing and Fog Computing are, then you must read this paper thoroughly, because it is at the very heart of global Technocracy. Everything will be connected to everything else as soon as it comes online.