Metaverse: Virtual Children To Help Combat Overpopulation

For all the brainwashed young marrieds who willingly choose to forego having children, it’s Metaverse to the rescue as they can now have virtual children to feed, change diapers. nurture, teach, play, etc. Get tired of your virtual child? Just click a button and delete it. The bifurcation of reality is beyond just dangerous, it is existential to civilization and the human race.

Report: Working In The Metaverse Lowers Productivity, Causes Anxiety

The Metaverse is headed for a huge fail as workers already experience nausea, intense eye strain and anxiety, revealing the physical, emotional and mental toll. If this is the effect on adults, just imagine the horrors it will inflict on youth. Humans are designed to live in a fake reality created by Transhuman dreamers.

The Link Between Transhumanism And The Metaverse

Reality is already 3D and immersive, so why do we need a cheap imitation called the Metaverse? The answer lies in Transhumanism and its quest to escape mortal bounds to enter into immortality, omniscience and transcendence, all of which are possible in the Metaverse but not in real life. Parents: Keep your children away from the Metaverse.

Kissing Is Coming To The Metaverse. What’s Next?

A sensory-enhanced metaverse is a certainty as devices are created to provide full immersive experiences that will be as real as real life. This promises to completely re-wire a user’s brain to not be able to discern what is real or not. As the pornography industry adapts to the metaverse, perceived debauchery will be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Welcome To The Metaverse: A Barrage Of Assault, Racism, Rape Jokes

Mark Zuckerberg has bet his fortune on the wrong horse with Meta and the metaverse, and I predict the whole project will end in dismal defeat, if not bankruptcy. There is no AI program in the world that can control the base attitudes and actions of sinful people who can hide their identity and do anything they want without consequences.

Sex And Pornography Aim To Strike Gold In The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg has staked his claim to head the “IBM” of virtual reality, having already renamed Facebook to Meta. Welcome to Zuck-World, where virtual anything is possible and probable in a lawless world, including anonymous sex and immersive pornography.

Metaverse: Virtual Utopia Or Technocratic Nightmare?

The Pied Pipers of Big Tech are seducing the world into an immersive virtual reality. It creates a blend of The Matrix, Ready Player One and lawless wild west anarchy where anything goes. Worse, it will blur the distinctions between reality and fantasy, rewiring the brain and changing way the mind responds to situations.

Barbados: First Diplomatic Embassy To Open In Metaverse

All Americans recognize an “auto mall” as a grouping of big car dealers in the same complex. Now imagine a virtual “embassy row” in the metaverse where your avatar can visit to conduct official business with embassy avatars from your favorite nation. Barbados is claiming the first spot, but don’t expect sandy beaches and warm waters.