Covid Panic, Climate Panic: Driven By Same People For Same Purpose

TN has claimed from the very start of the Covid panic in 2020 that the same people who drove the “climate crisis” were driving the Covid panic as a new initiative in the war against humanity. The only solution ever offered is the UN’s Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Techniques of the Covid panic, like lockdowns, are now going to be used for climate crisis.

Flashback: Dr. Deborah Birx Was The Technocrat Destroyer Who Deceived Trump Into Wrecking America Over COVID-19

Deborah Birx is a Technocrat who was orchestrating COVID-19 policies behind the scenes, using treachery and deceit. This is the fallback position of Technocrats whose agenda is or might be blocked in some way. Her blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution, elected politicians and the Rule of Law set her on a self-appointed mission to deceive the President of the United States and then to deceive the entire medical establishment.

Japan Launches Official Investigation Into Millions Of mRNA Vaccine Deaths

Evidence from Japan’s investigation of mRNA “vaccines” is shocking and compelling. In the vaccinated who have died, the spike protein was found throughout their body and including their skin. Elevated temperatures of corpses indicate widespread inflammation. Japanese scientists are demanding an immediate end to all mRNA vaccines.

Universities Not Interested In Admitting Fault About COVID Policies

Technocrat enclaves at Universities must protect their sources of funding for “research” and thus will never admit wrongdoing or harm caused to students and faculty over harmful COVID policies, “vaccine” mandates and distance learning. One can expect them to hold the same line during future health episodes.

China Is The Pied Piper Of Global Technocracy

China’s zero-Covid lockdowns may be little more than theatrics to further Technocracy in the world. The author concludes, “A system neither communist nor capitalist, but absorbing the worst vices of whilst purging the virtues. Zero Covid is just China working as the other side of the scissors.” When human lives mean nothing, sacrificing them for gaining an objective is par for the course.