Oh Canada: No Vaccine? You’re Grounded!

The iron teeth of Technocracy are razor sharp and fully barred in Canada and beyond as extortion is revealed based on taking away basic privileges if citizens refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19. No vaccine? You’re grounded and must continue to wear a mask.

Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective

Lockdowns and mask mandates are social engineering tactics to prepare citizens for the Great Reset. In the eyes of Technocrats, you must obey their pseudo-science. The spread of COVID-19 is blamed on humans who refuse to obey, and therefore all must be further punished.

Fearsome Fauci: Forget Christmas, New Year’s, Hugging Grandma

Technocrat Anthony Fauci continues to preach self-denial and social lockdown measures such as wearing masks, social distancing and staying home. Will there ever be an end to this? Not likely unless America simply throws it all down and tells the Fauci’s of the world to get out of public policy.

‘Freedom Pass’: UK to Introduce Covid Immunity Passports

A “Freedom Pass” is a citizen’s only chance to live a more normal life, but the price of admission is that one must submit to testing and perhaps frequently so. This will immediately result in a caste system of “untouchables” and the “haves” based on invisible particles in your body.