Clinical Studies: N95 Masks Never Worked To Stop COVID Virus

Fauci knew it. They all knew it. From the start. Masks never worked to stop any virus, including the supposedly superior N95 mask. The social fabric of America was ripped to shreds over it and yet, they still say “wear your mask to protect others.” Families were torn apart, friends separated, workers quit, businesses shut down. All of this was done by unelected, unaccountable Technocrats; and yet, all elected officials who went along are equally guilty.

Wuhan Whistleblower: China Knew From The Start That COVID-19 Was Intentionally Engineered

Fauci knew, lied, then covered up. They all did, as they destroyed us and the world As the pandemic narrative unravels, we can rightfully start applying the word “democide” – death by government – to the entire debacle. The US basically gave China a bioweapon to use against us and all the people of the world. When it “leaked” the world caved into the hands of Technocrats and the Biodefense industry. The lies are exposed, but the control remains.

In August, 58% Of COVID Deaths Were “Vaccinated” With mRNA Shots

Another study reports, “People 65 and older account for 16% of the total US population but 75% of all COVID deaths to date.” What group was most urgently told to get the mRNA shots? Those over 65! This is a genocide of the elderly – those “useless eaters” who Technocrats think are the greatest source of inefficiency and wastefulness in their societal machine.

Study: 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Implications

Shocking new study reveals that some level of heart injury, minor as it may be, is occurring in all jab recipients. The long-term effects are unknown but there will be effects. The more mRNA shots you take, the greater the cumulative risk that an actual health event will take place. There are also effects on other internal organs as well as the immune system.

Big Pharma Technocrats Use COVID Model To Push RSV Vaccines

Medical Technocrats embedded in government hierarchy are running the same game plan as with COVID to mandate vaccines wherever they can direct the needle. In this case, it is for babies and toddlers and a common but mild virus known as RSV. Will they ever stop? No, not until it is unprofitable for them to continue.

COVID Dictators Nervous Over Retaliation, Plead For Amnesty

The establishment journal, The Atlantic, outrageously pleads for amnesty over what many have labeled “Crimes Against Humanity”. The COVID hoaxers are obviously running scared and fearing retaliation; this means they know they are guilty as sin and are trying to escape punishment. There will be no amnesty but there will be trials and full accountability.

Flu Season Sees Calls For Return To Face Mask Mania

They are at it again. Medical Technocrats will not let face masks go until the public thoroughly and openly rejects and rebukes them for bringing destruction to our nation. Face masks have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be worthless against the spread of a virus. Bottom line: Don’t comply, don’t consent, be vocal.

mRNA 4-Eva: Detection To Injection Now Set At 100 Days

The assault on humanity continues to be institutionalized with strategic precision by the Biden Administration. The intent is to waive all testing for Big Pharma on future mRNA/DNA injections: “Develop vaccines within 100 days; manufacture enough vaccine for the population of the United States within 130 days.” That is, detection to mass injection in 4 months.

The Big Lie: Pfizer Scandal Blown Wide Open, Never Even Tested mRNA Shots For Transmission Of Virus

The destruction of the world was based on the biggest 100% falsehood in the history of medicine: Pfizer NEVER tested mRNA shot for blocking transmission of COVID-19 before it got EUA from the FDA. Billions were forced to take mRNA shots based on this lie. Millions are permanently vaxx injured or worse, dead. Contact tracing, vaccine passports, the Great Reset: all unnecessary and based on a lie.