Google Staff Calls China Censorship A ‘Moral And Ethical’ Crisis

Senior Google leadership blindsided its own employees with news of building China’s censorship engine, and many are furious, claiming that it has created a ‘moral and ethical’ crisis. What they are really discovering is that top Technocrats simply don’t have a moral or ethical compass. As Google is attacked from within and from without, it has little hope of emerging unscathed from its recent actions.

Quayside, Toronto: The Fight Against Google’s Smart City Experiment

Google chose Toronto as a model test site for their vision of a ‘Smart City.” However, Canadian activist Bianca Wylie has Google’s number: “We need to change our laws to reject surveillance capitalism as a social norm.” People are rallying to Wylie’s reasoning, and they are forcing exposure, transparency and accountability, which is something Google was trying to avoid altogether.

Patrick Wood Speaks Technocracy On KrisAnne Hall Radio Show

This informative interview released just today will help you to understand the current wave of censorship sweeping social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.  It is not adequate to blame leftists, progressives, Marxists, Communists, Fascists, etc. These companies are led by Technocrats who have a very narrow view of Utopia, and are intent on forcing it upon the world.