Showdown In Europe: Tech Giants Brace For Sweeping EU Privacy Law

Big Tech is facing a perfect storm of political resistance, but there are many cross-currents and hidden motives. TN expects that anti-trust legislation will ultimately be invoked to break up several of the largest semi-monopolies like Google and Facebook. What the EU is doing at this point it cut off the free consumer data that is the lifeblood of the industry. Expect a lot of chaos, lobbying, back-stabbing and corruption to follow.

Cambridge Analytica HQ Raided Over Facebook Data-Mining Scandal

Technocrats at Cambridge Analytica and Facebook will not volunteer any wrongdoing, but may be forced into litigation and regulation by government representatives who are appalled at their behavior. The trail of discovery has just started. As I have said many time, “Follow the data, follow the power.” In this case the data involves tens of millions of records on American and British citizens.