Smart Grid

Smart Meters Continue To Raise Data Security Questions

Almost 50% of all meters have been replaced with Smart Meters but data and privacy issues have never been adequately addressed. The utility spokesman in this article falsely claims that meters “only monitor how much energy is used in total, not how it is used within the household.”

Forbes: Smart Grid Dreams Fading Without Congressional Support

Of course, Technocrat smart grid vendors would love more free money from taxpayers to complete the ensnarement of all energy consumers into a massive data collection grid. However, don’t let rhetoric hide the fact that Smart Grid will be completed with or without more Federal funding because it is a key requirement of Technocracy to do so.

Siemens Is Blanketing Europe With Smart Meters, Including Portugal

Thanks to a TN reader in Portugal, this article points out that Smart Grid via Smart Meter installation is a global affair, as pointed out by this article translated from a Portuguese journal. All of the global Smart Grid initiative was started at the same time in 2009 with the release of stimulus money after the financial meltdown. The fact that multiple nations funded their Smart Grid projects in the same manner at the same time indicates a global strategy where some global entity or group was pulling all the strings. I suggest it was Technocrats pulling for Technocracy, aka, Sustainable Development.