Smart Cities

U.S. Government To Focus On IoT Security In Smart Cities

Smart City doctrine is steeped in the UN’s Sustainable Development, and yet our government agencies seem oblivious to the actual plans of implementation. Smart Cities depend on censors, data and geo-spatial intelligence algorithms to track all activity on city dwellers, and it is a precursor to scientific dictatorship.

Songdo, South Korea: The Smartest Smart City In The World

Technocrats have found their Nirvana in Songdo, South Korea – a smart city built from the ground up with the latest Orwellian technology available. Companies like Cisco and Nvidia will make billions while perfecting such technology to bring back to American shores.

Hong Kong Sees STEM Education As Key To It’s ‘Smart City’ Plan

STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is key to the implementation of Smart City urban planning because technology enables the whole social engineering project. The natural demand for STEM education falls short of necessary and ‘skilled’ workers to create and maintain smart cities

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