Smart Cities


Smart Buildings Are Paving The Way Toward Smart Cities

Technocracy’s 1930s claim of being the “science of social engineering” is clearly seen in every aspect of today’s smart buildings and smart cities. Advanced technology is used to monitor, manage, control and predict every conceivable aspect of urban existence.

Smart Dubai Launches Global Network To Connect Smart Cities

The Smart City concept has never been about just a single city, but rather a global network of smart cities that interoperate with each other. Ultimately, this will require massive AI programs to model the entire planet for the sake of command and control. This is the nature of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

Case Study: ‘Smart City’ Pitched For Arkansas

Here it starts with one guy saying, “Nobody has done that yet. So that’s the vision”. Next come the cascade of false assumptions whereby it is claimed that only more technology can solve a multitude of problems. This top-down approach to city building has always failed because people will not be managed in the way envisioned.