A Pandemic-Battered World Embraces Technocracy, Not Democracy

This apologist for Technocracy sees Technocrat alignment in both Europe and the U.S. and concludes, “The broader world is keenly watching the return of technocracy of the best kind. If it succeeds, maybe we can embrace it ourselves in 2022 and replace our jokesters with serious, policy-focused leaders.”

Townhall: The Technocratic Fallacy

An initial understanding of Technocracy focuses on unelected and unaccountable experts, but the deeper, historic understanding sees a total global transformation of Free Market Economics into an authoritarian Scientific Dictatorship, aka Technocracy.

Biden’s Race To The Bottom With The Great Reset

This article does not acknowledge Technocracy but it does identify Global Totalitarianism that is being eagerly embraced by the Biden Administration. A top-to-bottom rework of American society will allow Technocracy to grow deep roots into the foundations of our nation.

Biden Will Merge Powers Of Big Tech And Government

The Biden Administration will continue the embracement of Big Tech in order to usher in the global elite plan for a Great Reset of the world’s economic system. Levin and Bokhari apparently have no understanding of Technocracy so the issues are painted as far-left vs. conservative

Global Initiative For COVID-19 Vaccine Records

The global public has given no consent to Technocrats who are creating the framework for a scientific dictatorship that will ultimately micro-manage and control everyone in society. As a result, coercion is necessary to enforce compliance.