Technocracy Vs. The Republic: The Fight For Our Future

Because the pandemic is being used to destroy constitutional rights and especially the First Amendment, the very mechanism of citizen resistance is disappearing. If you cannot communicate, you cannot resist. Taking over all public media and stomping free speech has always been the first order of business in previous revolutions.

Technocracy’s Tyranny: The New Normal Isn’t Normal

More writers are getting the big picture that a global coup d’etat of Technocrats is taking place and they are bent on establishing a global Technocracy. The contrived “Great Panic of 2020” uses COVID-19 as a prop to create a single, global biosecurity state that will control all human activity.

Technocracy, Monopoly And The Pretense Of Capitalism

Charles Hugh Smith describes the Big Tech monopolies perfectly, except for relating it to the larger view of global Technocracy. Big Tech has indeed brainwashed society into thinking that it is OK to let them run amok and that they are now “to big to fail”. If left alone, an inescapable Scientific Dictatorship is straight ahead