Transhuman Elon Musk: Your Brain Will Get Its Own USB-C Port

Elon Musk is a consummate Technocrat and Transhumanist who seeks the merging of technology and the human body with the ultimate purpose of achieving immortality. His Neuralink project experiments with Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI) literally puts silicon in your skull and connects it to the outside world

DNA Bonanza: Blackstone Is Buying For $4.7 Billion

Blackstone Group represents the pinnacle of globalization and the super-rich elite that control it. With, a host of Technocrats will gain access to the largest pool of information on DNA and family relationships in the world. This is a marketing and social engineering bonanza for Technocracy.

Scientists Achieve First Step In Creating Cyborgs

This tech breakthrough is revolutionary for Transhumanists who would like to build avatars, transfer their brains into them and live forever. If you have a hard time understanding this article, just think “The Borg” from the Star Trek series.