Superhuman: Brain Implanted Chips To Be Ready Within 15 Years

Read carefully: Obama’s 2012 “Map the Human Brain” initiative is producing control freaks who want to achieve read/write access to the human brain. This includes reading, deleting, creating and altering memories. It would be the ultimate mind control mechanism ever created. Of course, it is over-hyped and likely impossible, but the fact that they believe they can do it is concerning enough.

Technocrat Billionaires Secretly Funding Plan To Break Humanity Out Of The Matrix

The “we’re living in a computer simulation” myth is running amok with Technocrat billionaires who are caught up in their own fantasy world. As this article states, “it’s hard to know whether we should laugh or scream in horror.” However, note that these are the same people bringing who plan to escape death and want to colonize Mars. They are also the same people who are driving Smart Cities, the New Urban Agenda and 20330 Agenda.

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