Humanzees: The Push To Make Human-Chimp Hybrids

Technocrats of all stripes have such a low view of humanity that there are no boundaries in tinkering with genetic restructuring just for the thrill of doing so. This is ultimately based on the religion of Scientism which posits that all truth is exclusively discovered through science.

Sheeple? Scientists Create First Human-Sheep Hybrids

There are few ethical or moral boundaries with Technocrat scientists. The slippery slope of dangerous technology has already begun, and will likely end very poorly for mankind. In any case, this could give new meaning to the term ‘sheeple’.

Claim: Scientists Could One Day Make Humans Immortal

Technocrats and Transhumans will not let their immortality pitch die, as it repeatedly appears in major publications around the world, and with all the standard reasons: cryonics, singularity and mind uploading. Invariably, Ray Kurzweil’s name appears in the article.

‘Ready Player One’ Movie Pumps Virtual Reality As Mankind’s Ultimate Escape From Dystopia

Millennials will be convinced that dystopia is straight ahead, thanks to global warming, and the only place where life can be found is within virtual reality. Whereas the Matrix movie presented a compulsory virtual reality that no one was aware of, Ready Player One is voluntary submission. However, virtual reality will re-wire a person’s mind to the point where they cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy; such a mind will be easily controlled by whomever controls the fantasy.

Genetically Engineered Super Horses Designed For Speed, Strength

Horses now follow after mice, rats, pigs, goats and sheep to receive genetic restructuring. Technocrats consider humans to be no different than animals, so nothing is stopping them from eventually editing human genes to bring forth specific traits. Such changes will be transmitted to offspring, meaning that eventually the entire planetary gene pool will be contaminated with man-made changes to DNA.

Scientist: Robots And Humans Can Make Babies, Create Hybrid Species

Shades of Huxley’s Brave New World where all embryos are created artificially and then incubated in mechanical wombs until ‘birth’. In Brave New World, sex was purely recreational and everybody ‘owned’ everybody else; human pregnancy was forbidden. Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is any reason for it.