When Elon Musk Hooked Up With The Pagan Witch

When Technocrat Musk met Transhumanist/occultist Grimes, they spawned a baby in 2020 whose given name is “X Æ A-XII”. Now a toddler, X Æ A-XII calls his mother by her birth name, “Claire”. Even though Musk and Grimes are recently separated, the connection has been forever established: Technocracy and Transhumanism are joined at the hip like Siamese Twins and shrouded in occult darkness.

DNA Vaccines: Changing The Genetic Makeup Of Humanity

Invented by scientists in India, this is “the first plasmid DNA vaccine that has been authorized for human use” and purports to inject so-called ‘naked DNA” under the skin of your arm. When inducted into the patient’s DNA, permanent changes to the germ-line will pass the genetic modifications to offspring.

Why Are Crypto Leaders Embracing Transhumanism?

Transhumanism seeks to ultimately conquer death by applying advanced technology to the human condition. Crypto leaders are typically young, but also thoroughly saturated with technology that seems to be attractive to the Transhuman movement, creating an interesting crossover.

The Evil Twins Of Transhumanism And Technocracy

The dots between Technocracy and Transhumanism are easily connected once its understood that both sit atop the pseudo-science religion of Scientism, which posits that science is god and scientists and engineers are its priesthood. This article provides the current framework to understand this nexus.

Transhumans Use Cryonics In Hope Of Future Immortality

Max More and his wife Natasha are “founding fathers” of the modern global Transhuman movement. Max also runs the Alcor Life Extension Foundation where you can have your head put in a deep-freeze for an indefinite period until science advances enough to bring you back to permanent life, or immortality.