Pentagon Technocrats Using AI To ‘See Days In Advance’

The Global Information Dominance Experiment (GIDE) seeks to see into the future in order to outwit the enemy. This was tried with pre-crime AI software with miserable results, but the combined force of the Pentagon continues to pursue this Technocrat solution for the military.

China To Build 25 More Level 4 Virology Labs Around World

Regardless of country of origin, all Level 4 virology labs have direct connections to the military of their host nation and are staffed with Technocrat-minded scientists who have no ethical constraints on their research. Creating killer GMO viruses has no purpose except to wage bio-warfare.

Henry Kissinger Warns Of US-China Armageddon

Trilateral Commission founding member Henry Kissinger addresses the (John) McCain Institute in Arizona. Kissinger’s history of originally enabling the nuclear-enabled nations of Technocrat China and Islamic Iran are now tempered by the squishy language of political science.