US Army Now Holding Drills With Ground Robots That Shoot

Technocrats in the military think that technology is the answer to warfare, and that means armed robotics ultimately equipped with autonomous AI. China and Russia have responded in kind, sparking an intense development war. Automated killing machines will make the first mechanized war, WW I or the ‘Great War’, appear like a minor skirmish.

China Launches Electromagnetic Rail ‘Supergun’ On Naval Warship

Technocrats in China have been in a hotly contested technological arms race for at least 20 years now. The introduction of the ‘rail gun’ on warships will change the face of warfare for decades to come; just read this article to understand its capabilities. US military Technocrats will certainly answer the challenge with their own version of a ‘supergun’.

DARPA: ‘Sea Hunter’ Drone Ship Joins U.S. Navy Fleet

DARPA is a hotbed of Technocrats who push the science and engineering of automated weapons and advanced ‘super-soldiers’. Sea Hunter is unarmed, but the Navy is already anticipating flotillas of armed vessels. China and Russia counterparts are in hot pursuit.

China Building ‘Super Laser’ That Can Rip Holes In Space

Why would Technocrats want to rip holes in outer space? Because they can. China is a Technocracy that believes the answer to everything is found in science and only science. Super-lasers have application in weather modification, terrestrial warfare and space warfare, and China can be expected to dominate all three.

Security Fears Spark Crackdown On Chinese Tech

What technology was not freely given to them by the Western elite was stolen from universities, government offices and laboratories by hacking, espionage and physical theft. Now U.S. officials are finally figuring out that the Chinese don’t really like America and are blanketing us with return technology that has all kinds of back doors for increased spying and cyber-warfare. China is a Technocracy bent on dominating the world.

DARPA At Work: Military Targets Urban Battlespace To Test Drone Swarm Tactics

The military has fast-tracked drone swarming project for immediate deployment for urban warfare. These swarms, coordinated with swarms of ground vehicles and robotic devices, can surround and isolate a target within a single city-block, within 30 minutes. China and the U.S. are said to be racing neck-and-neck in this arms race, but the presence of China Electronics Technocracy in the test zone speaks otherwise: China and the U.S. may well be privately sharing technology with each other.