China ‘Clone Factory’ Scientist Now Talking Human Replication

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TN Note: You knew this would happen as soon as they dropped the bomb that they were going to clone millions of cattle and other animals in China. To a transhumanist, all people are just part of the animal family, collections of atoms and chemicals to be manipulated.

The Chinese scientist behind the world’s biggest cloning factory has technology advanced enough to replicate humans, he told AFP, and is only holding off for fear of the public reaction.

 Boyalife Group and its partners are building the giant plant in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin, where it is due to go into production within the next seven months and aims for an output of one million cloned cows a year by 2020.

But cattle are only the beginning of chief executive Xu Xiaochun’s ambitions.

In the factory pipeline are also thoroughbred racehorses, as well as pet and police dogs, specialised in searching and sniffing.

Boyalife is already working with its South Korean partner Sooam and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to improve primate cloning capacity to create better test animals for disease research.

And it is a short biological step from monkeys to humans — potentially raising a host of moral and ethical controversies.

“The technology is already there,” Xu said. “If this is allowed, I don’t think there are other companies better than Boyalife that make better technology.”

The firm does not currently engage in human cloning activities, Xu said, adding that it has to be “self-restrained” because of possible adverse reaction.

But social values can change, he pointed out, citing changing views of homosexuality and suggesting that in time humans could have more choices about their own reproduction.

“Unfortunately, currently, the only way to have a child is to have it be half its mum, half its dad,” he said.

“Maybe in the future you have three choices instead of one,” he went on. “You either have fifty-fifty, or you have a choice of having the genetics 100 percent from Daddy or 100 percent from Mummy. This is only a choice.”

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[Ed. change: The twins were so beautiful and talented and it is hoped that they received a bunch of recognition along the way. Of course, they are real and most normal people, not cloned by a mad scientist.]

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LOL- “holding off for fear of public reaction” Nonsense. It’s a scam, they want investors. You can NOT “make” a human being, and contrary to some people’s beliefs, you can’t transplant an organ from a dead person into a live person (hello organ transplants) the person is STILL ALIVE but declared “brain dead”, so keep that in mind before you check off that box on your driver’s license for “organ donations”. Transplanting from the dead is of Dr Frankenstein fantasies, not real life. No one has, nor will, ever create a human. No matter HOW hard people try- the only… Read more »


Do you really think that…
Did you forget about the sheep scientist cloned.
Its only a matter of time before scientist with no morals clone humans