China: Life And Death In A Technocracy

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China, not only with its people suffering and dying, but also with its economy and political system. Everything that Technocrats had hoped to achieve with China is now on a deathbed with an irregular heartbeat.

Mind you, China has worked hard since 1976 to establish itself as the world’s first completely Technocratic state. That’s 44 years of engineered economics, social control and outward expansion through the Belt and Road trade network.

The release of the Coronavirus was unquestionably an accidental ‘Black Swan’ event that nobody expected, especially China. But it was China’s own overconfident Technocrat scientists who created it in the first place. They were sloppy. Security surrounding the deadly virus was obviously an afterthought – a small-minded one at that.

This is not surprising, given that the Technocrat opinion of humanity is extremely low. For instance, the original Technocracy Study Course manual described the ‘human animal’ this way:

The human animal is composed of chemical atoms which are derived from the ordinary inorganic materials of the earth, and which ultimately return to the place from which they come… The human animal responds to its external environment through the mechanism of the conditioned reflex, which is a purely automatic but tremendously complex, nervous control mechanism. These conditioned reflexes are, however, subject to control and manipulation through the device of manipulating an individual’s environment. (Technocracy Study Course, 1934, p. 205)

Now that China’s scientific blooper is spinning out of control, we see the aftermath and associated human costs, as Bloomberg reports that China Sacrifices a Province to Save the World From Coronavirus:

People are queuing for eight hours just to get tested for the coronavirus, said the college graduate, John Chen, who’s 23. His feverish mother is yet to be tested.

“At first I was upset that the hospitals and officials I called for help weren’t willing to do their job, but later I realized that it’s not that they are unwilling to help, but that everywhere is way too short of resources,” he said.

“I don’t blame anyone, because if you grow up in China, you learn that’s how the system works.”

Technocracy is not progressive, but rather regressive. It has been a flawed system of thinking ever since inception in the early 1900s, and it has remained just as flawed in the 21st century, regardless of where it is embraced.

Technocrat Chinese leaders will never understand this, but the people suffering under their jackboot already get it. The rest of the world needs to understand as well.