China’s Dystopian Technocracy: ‘Leave No Dark Corner’

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This 27 minute documentary on China’s burgeoning scientific dictatorship is required viewing for all 326 million Americans. These technologies are already ramping up in the U.S. and are certain to take over unless people stand up now and say ‘NO’! ⁃ TN Editor

Why does Technocracy.News focus so much on China? Because China is a full-blown Technocracy that has been identified as such by academia for at least 20 years. The entire nation is one big social engineering project where everything is lathered with technology to keep everything and everyone within the Technocrats’ model.

The world has never before seen this kind of oppression. One Chinese citizen notes that it is a return to feudalism but controlled by ubiquitous tracking and artificial intelligence. Once you are caught in their web, you cannot get free nor can you hide. There is “no dark corner”.

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