Conservatives Make Case For Action On Climate Change

Hank PaulsonHenry 'Hammerin' Hank' Paulson - PBS.Org
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If you think global warming policies come only from the progressive left, you would be wrong. The tracks of progressivism and conservatism lead to the the same place, namely, to Technocracy. This interview is well worth listening to to understand the conservative appeal. TN Editor

Prominent Republicans — from former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson to the former chair of the board of Walmart — are urging the White House and Congress to adopt a new market-based plan to address climate change. It establishes a carbon tax and dividend program. But would that reduce emissions? Will Republicans in office go for it? And what would happen to existing environmental regulations?


  • Ted Halstead founder, president and CEO of the Climate Leadership Council, a research and advocacy organization. He founded New America, a public policy think-tank. He is author of “The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics.”
  • Nathaniel Keohane Vice president, Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Chris Mooney energy and environment reporter, Washington Post
  • Greg Mankiw Professor of economics, Harvard University; former Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2003 to 2005 under President George W. Bush.
  • Kyle Meyaard-Schaap National organizer and spokesperson, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

Listen to Interview here…

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of course, they are all working for the same globalist scum.