Hardcopy Services


If the Internet ever goes down or if our website is censored to death, you can now have an autoship hardcopy of the previous month’s content in your own possession that can never be hacked or suppressed.

This is a convenience service for our readers. While it is already possible for you to print each article individually, it is very time consuming and tedious. In many cases, readers save the PDF file and then forget to print it.

After the end of each month, we generate and print a master file with all the articles posted during the previous month. Normally, there are about 60 articles, yielding 60 pages printed front and back. We use pre-drilled 20# paper for easy insertion into a binder.

For a single monthly/recurring fee, we will print and mail a copy to you as soon as it is available. (The charge for this printed service is currently $19.95 per month and includes postage. If costs rise, we will have to make adjustments, but you will be notified beforehand.)

Important Note: This “autoship” service includes postage for First Class mail to US destinations ONLY. If you subscribe from any other country, your subscription will be refunded and cancelled. 

Pat's Ponderings $7.50 per Month. Select
Hardcopy Distribution $19.95 per Month. Select

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