Home Protection 2025: Virtual Machine Guns, Robo-Security And Drones


TN Note: Advancing technology will provide certain benefits for individual citizens, but this vision of home protection 2025 is a little disconcerting. All of these devices will become integral components of the Internet of Things that allows prying eyes to see everything, anywhere. 

From burglar alarms that identify intruders, to robotic guards and even ‘gun’ turrets, homeowners of the future will have far more imaginative options to protect their property than today.

A report about the future of home security predicts a future that’s a cross between the Minority Report and The Crystal Maze in which burglars would have to run a high-tech gauntlet to make off with goods.

For example, burglar alarms could shout at intruders by name, while indelible sprays could mark them out in case of escape, and drones could give chase.

The report, by future trends experts Futurizon, was commissioned by security company ADT.

In a survey, the Florida-based firm found only four out of ten people feel safe being at home, while one in ten believe their home is at greater risk today than it was only five years ago.

However, the report, authored by futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, predicts a plethora of hi-tech solutions will be available in as little as a decade’s time.

In the short term, it envisages that tiny hidden cameras will soon be commonplace around the home and residential neighbourhoods and could even stop burglaries before they happen.

They would use facial-recognition software to spot known criminals and sound the alarm, in a scenario reminiscent of The Minority Report.

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